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About the campaign

Adult social care has needed and
continues to need more.

As a charity we are proud to campaign for an adult social care system that meets the needs of our nation. Over the last 20 years the sector has borne the brunt of many broken promises and most recently borne the ravages of a devastating pandemic. Yet still nothing has changed.

We still have too many people unable to access the care they need, and a complex, unequal and fragmented system that causes distress and confusion for people when they need it. Despite clear support for carers demonstrated through the clap for carers, people who work in care remain undervalued and underpaid. 

With many promises and little to no changes we believe this has gone on for too long and so do our supporters.

We must #FixCareForAll

"Now more than ever, the Government must bring forward their long-awaited plan to completely overhaul our social care system; this should provide free, personalised care and put it on an equal footing with the NHS."

Fiona Carragher, Director of Research & Influencing, Alzheimer’s Society

We’re asking for the Government to reform care once and for all with these five calls:

  • 1

    A new social care system must be fully resourced
    with a fair price for care 

  • 2

    A national workforce strategy that values our people

  • 3

     Transparency and accountability,
    delivered through financial regulation

  • 4

    Care which is co-produced and co-designed
    by older people and the sector

  • 5

    Seamless pathways and collaboration
    between health and social care  

What can you do?

In order to finally #FixCareForAll we need your help to remind the national Government who is affected by the broken system. Together, we can show that present and future care must be fixed once and for all.

Let’s fix care for you, for your family, for your neighbour and for all.

Help fix care