It’s been two years since the Prime Minister promised to fix care

Help fix care

#FixCareForAll is calling for adult social care to be a national priority in the Government’s coronavirus recovery programme. You can help make this happen by taking action today.

Over the last 20 years the sector has had green papers, white papers, commissions and reviews and yet nothing significant has changed. We still have too many older people unable to access the care they need; a complex, unequal and fragmented system that causes distress and confusion for people when they need care. Dedicated and hard-working staff are wrongly labelled low-skilled and are too often underpaid for the life-changing work they do.

Adult social care deserves better.

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"MHA’s #FixCareForAll is an important and timely campaign. Anchor Hanover has, for many years, been calling on the government to introduce far-reaching social care reform which recognises the interdependence between the NHS and social care, helps support a professional care workforce and secures sustainable, long-term funding for the sector."

Jane Ashcroft CBE, Anchor Hanover

What can you do?

In order to finally #FixCareForAll we need your help to remind the national Government who is affected by the broken system. Together, we can show that present and future care must be fixed once and for all.

Let’s fix care for you, for your family, for your neighbour and for all.

Help fix care